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11 breathtaking photos show how weddings are celebrated worldwide 

From Germany, where newlyweds must clean up shattered porcelain objects to teach them that married life isn’t easy, to Malaysia, where each guest receives a decorated hard-boiled egg symbolizing fertility, these little traditions offer a small window into the history and culture of other countries. 

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Don’t put your life on hold for someone, or you’ll wake up at 42 with an empty house and a terrifying sense of freedom and no energy or innocence left to enjoy it.

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One Day

a unique series of landscapes in which Japanese photographer Ken Kitano uses long exposures to capture sunrise to sunset throughout the course of one single day. 


Claudine Doury: Loulan Beauty [Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan]

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Sorry you guys for not updating the blog in the past couple of weeks! Things have been busy at my end so I haven’t had the time to go on Tumblr let alone post things on the blog. But like always when I go M.I.A. for a couple of weeks I always come back in full force.

However what I wanted to do is to take the time and say Ramadan Mubarak to both my Pilipin@ and non-Pilipin@ Muslim followers!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!


"Hââbrê", latest generation of scarification in Africa.

Pictures by 

Joana Choumali


"Midlife in the Middle Kingdom - with a Camera" by Michael Steverson

Adorable Sugar Glider Trevor eats orange and falls asleep



Tessa Bunney: Home Work (Vietnamese Craft Villages around Hanoi)

Project statement:

[…]Around 75% of Vietnamese people currently live in the countryside, but as Vietnam moves increasingly towards urbanisation, its agricultural workforce faces the prospect of losing its land, and its way of life. With Vietnam’s growing population also making less land available for farmers to work, families unable to sustain themselves are turning to the creation of various products in rural areas. These ‘craft’ villages have become the meeting place between rural and urban, agriculture and industry. 


Classic Lisbon - Portugal

(by Patricia F. Almeida)